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SAMUS ARON is coming soon - METROID WiiU Featured

METROID will soon be coming to WiiU METROID will soon be coming to WiiU

Anyone waiting and wanting a new METROID game on the WiiU?  What could the next game possibly hold and where could the story take SAMUS this time?

We're hoping for some wicked platform action and adventure maybe a cross between PRIME and OTHER M with something new added that really allows us to take advantage of the gamepad controlls.

I would love to see more excitement and emotions such as terror and thrills.

Samus in sexy pose from really cool cinematic sequences in OTHER MMyamoto has been hinting at many possibilities of the game and he has also talked about the two game types that he wants to explore both gamestyles further (the 3D Metroid Prime trilogy gameplay) and the classic side scrolling action adventure gameplay which was further explored in OTHER M and the previous classics.

While we know that STARFOX and ZELDA are going to be big in 2015 what does the future hold for METROID?  Will we see the next METROID game for WiiU in 2015 or 2016?

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Provocative Samus Aron fan art, will Nintendo make the next Samus Aron game even more suggestive?