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MARIO KART 8 - Review Featured

MARIO KART 8 - The best racing game ever! MARIO KART 8 - The best racing game ever!

Seeing the gang return in this new instalment of the Mario Kart racing game is an insane pleasure and what we have this time is absolutely awesome...

If you thought Super Mario Kart Wii was a fantastic update with all it's changes well you are in for a wicked surprise when you see this WiiU update.

First off the graphics have now been taken into the high definition realm and your jaw will be dropping as you race through hot deserts, snow covered mountains, raging rivers and hi tech ceilings! The beautiful hi definition graphics at 60 frames per second make everything look beautiful and literally pop out of the screen.

Mario Kart 8 has some awesome addictive action

You can race on walls and ceilings where possible and it really adds something special to the kinetic feel and speed of it all, creating an immense amount of fun.

Collecting coins can earn you customization, and new karts and characters. You can also earn other bonuses by completing races.

The various controllers are all still compatible ranging from your WiiU Gamepad, WiiU Pro Controllers, Steering wheel with Wii Remote and Wii Remote with nunchuck (My favourite.), 

There are some amazing new weapons too, I love the Boomerang Flower it is awesome (You can throw a boomerang at players and knock them off course, the boomerang then comes back to you so you can knock another unfortunate player out!)  and the brilliant Piranha Plant is wicked, wait until you see what that does!  There are all sorts of other new weapons and items too, I love the Super Horn which stops the horrible dreaded (previously unstoppable on Mario Kart Wii) Blue Shell in it's tracks (Thank you Nintendo!)!

Mario Kart 8 is undoubtedly the greatest racing game ever!

One of the great new additions is the fact that you can now create highlight videos and upload directly to youtube. This is setup very easily by signing into Google from your Mario Kart TV section of the game. You can also customize how the videos should be however you cannot directly edit them - MKTV takes care of that for you by picking the highlights itself, which will come as a disappointment for some.

You can check out one of the highlight videos we did using MKTV here this is on the Mount Wario course...

Your favourites gaming modes are all still there for Online and Offline - So you can race with friends online and offline local multiplayer in the living room with friends!  Racing against ghosts option is still there aswell However the battle mode which has now been changed slightly has upset some players as it doesn't take place in any arenas anymore, they take place on regular race tracks - However I feel this is a good thing and will challenge players to play the Battle Mode in a different way.

Mario and Yoshi kick ass big time in Mario Kart 8 on WiiU

Mario Kart 8 game quality shines through, in the past, each instalment of this racing franchise has always been created to the highest standard as the best racing game of it's generation, even with all the fun elements, the gameplay still always has good serious arcade racing elements, you can forget all the Gran Turismos, DriveClubs, Wipeouts and Project Car type racing games - Mario Kart 8 is king of the racers.

Mario Kart 8 Rosalina sexy

Nothing comes close to Mario Kart 8 in terms of sheer thrills, fun and value. This has always been the case with each instalment of the franchise and I have to say that it is still the case today.

This is a must buy game for all WiiU owners and is worth buying a WiiU for.

Graphics: 95%
Sound: 98%
Playability: 99%
Lastability: 99%
Value: 99%
Overall Score: 97%

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