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NINTENDO SWITCH - Get ready to be amazed!!!! Featured

Well - Hello again people - I have been unable to update the NINTENDOING and PLAYSTATIONED website over the past few months, I'm sorry, this is because in June 2016 (a few months ago) - We had flash floods here where I live in the UK.  Our road was hit; the flood wiped out the entire ground floor of our house, taking my beloved WiiU, PS3 and PS4 along with my much loved GH4 camera, a PC and laptop are just a few of the many items that perished in the flood.  Anyway back to the present - The reveal of the NX/SWITCH was amazing and prompted me to make time to write up an article.  

The NINTENDO NX is now known as the NINTENDO SWITCH - And as rumoured by some its a hybrid (I was one of the few who thought it was not going to be a hybrid, however I am happy that the console will also be a genuinely powerful home-gaming machine, first and foremost, as it will be able to play games like SKYRIM.).  In fact Nintendo themselves previously confirmed (hrough all those NX rumours and news) that the NX, (now known as Nintendo Switch) will have good 3rd party interest and that games from consoles such as PS4 will easily be convertable to Nintendo NX, The Nintendo Switch.  This indicates a huge amount of power in the Switch gaming system. 

The Nintendo SWITCH reveal video was brilliant as it showed some of the fun aspect of the console, without giving too much away and without confusing the potential customers.  We are expecting games like RESIDENT EVIL and CALL OF DUTY to also make appearances on the machine.  However what about some of the features that were not revealed?  What can the SWITCH do?  Let's recall the popular patent related to the Suplemental Computing Device.   What is the suplemental computing device?  It adds additional power to the Nintendo NX aka Nintendo SWITCH - It's most likely now taken the form of the dock that we see in the SWITCH video.

switch dockNintendo Switch Dock.  Is it the Suplemental Computing Device?

Nintendo suplemental computing deviceIt could be that the dock houses extra RAM, Processing power and some storage.  Which is why when the Nintendo SWITCH tablet/console is plugged into it, we can play the game with additional quality in the graphics maybe in 4k.  We know for sure that it will at least be 1080p when viewed on the large screen, Nintendo's last console the Wii was already 1080p console which displayed games beautifully.  So the dock could very well render the games you play on Switch in glorious 1080p or 4k.  

SWITCH games will 'not' be upscaled when played on the large screen (The images that we see in the video are sharp and seem to be more powerful than the tablet images that we see.), it seems like they will be re-rendered (Because why would you have such a sizeable dock?  Why not just have a simple lead or connection to the TV?) -

So it's likely that the SWITCH will have at least the power of a PS4 when plugged into the dock (not your average tablet).  The Nvidia powered chipset will give this machine more power than the usual AMD chips that are constantly being used in other popular games consoles.

Also rumours have also arisen that the console is easily upgradeable, just by changing or switching elements of the dock.  So imagine switching/adding more RAM or a new processer or graphics card to this thing or changing the whole dock when a new one arrives years later.  It would be awesome!!!!