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NINTENDO NX … Why it will be the most powerful games console on the planet and it's specs.

NINTENDO NX… Why it will be the most powerful console on the planet.

Shiugeru will return to our screens in 2016/2017 in a new adventure the NX - And it will kick ass!Let me start by saying to all the naysayers who are thinking the NX is going to be ‘underpowered’ to get their facts right as no information has been published about what the system will be yet as of the time of writing this article (12.07.2015).

If we go by the history of previous NINTENDO console progression its more likely that NINTENDO NX will be the most powerful home gaming console ever when it is available.  Why do you ask?

Think about this – When the WiiU was released, it had 4 times more RAM than the PS3 and XBOX 360 – It was the most powerful gaming console on the planet until PS4 and XBOX ONE arrived.

If you go further back into history to the early 1990s when SEGA Megadrive was the king and the industry had already written off Nintendo, then around two years after the SEGA Megadrive, NINTENDO finally released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) – The SNES console wiped the floor with Megadrive, the SNES was more powerful and had the backing of many developers and 1st party and 3rd party.  It was one of the greatest consoles in the history of gaming.

Rosalina in Mario Kart 8 on WiiU looked awesome - Now imagine how good she will look on NX

So what kind of RAM and power can we expect from NX – Im thinking we will at least have 8gigabytes of Ram at the very least like the PS4 and XBOX ONE, however its more likely to be 12gigabytes to 16gigabytes of RAM - The processor will be more powerful than what we see in XBOX ONE and PS4, and the graphics chip, maybe something by NVIDIA or AMD.

Why and how would I know this? Well the simple answer is that I don’t know but going by the history of NINTENDO, their consoles have always been more powerful than the current gen on release. And there are further industry clues in the media and internet that the NX will be a super powered console like no other – for example there is news that a lot of 3rd party developers are supporting the NX technology, which hints at it being more powerful and easy to develop for - Think about it? If you are a developer what would entice you more? Developing for an 8GB PS4 with great graphical power? or a console of lesser power without much RAM? It would obviously be the PS4 you would want to develop for, you would only go for the bigger RAM, more graphics power with the potential for a larger following of gamers.  This is why the clues are pointing towards a super gaming console by NINTENDO in the form of NX.

Zelda on the WiiU is coming late to us - but could this be because they are developing the NX version too?Also technology is getting cheaper – RAM and Graphics Technology is costing less than it was when SONY produced the PS4. Which means it would be easier for Nintendo now to create something of equal or more power to the PS4 than it would’ve been 2 years ago.  Facing the facts about this, we can say that the PS4 is the only real competition that NX faces, the XBOX ONE while it has the same amount of RAM as a PS4,it doesn't have the same amount of graphical power and is being overlooked by many developers.  Also there have been rumours that NX will have an ANDROID based Operating System, however this is untrue and has been denied by NINTENDO.  The NX will have it's own unique operating system as per the previous NINTENDO consoles.

The fact that there are more and more developers moving towards developing for the NX, and the hardware technology is getting cheaper for producing the NX, and aswell as taking into account the past history of Nintendo who almost always produce consoles that are a step above the other consoles (sometimes in terms of power) is a big clue that the NX will come with more power than any gaming console in existence.

Rumoured Specs of NX as per what we think at Nintendoing.com

Nintendo NX Ram: 12 to 16 GB - DDR 3
Nintendo NX Processor: 2ghz Processor - 8 Core - Intel or AMD
Nintendo NX Graphics Chip: NVIDIA or AMD Graphics CHip with at least 2gb of Onboard processing ram. Easily capable for Hi-def 1080p gaming and further more likely to allowing 4K gaming.
Nintendo NX Hard disk: 500gb to 1 Terabyte

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