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Nintendo NX - Further News Emerges - Possible launch 2016 Featured

The Nintendo Company have started distributing NX Development Kits...

super mario bros u is an awesome hardcore experience for all ages imagine it on the nxNew details emerged today that the Nintendo Company have been sending out Software Development Kits for the Nintendo NX to developing houses and companies who are creating games and content for the new NX console, which is now rumoured to arrive in 2016.

The NX console is said to include a mobile unit with it which will have it's own screen (like the WiiU) however users will be able to play their NX games anywhere when they move away from the living room - Imagine kids being able to take their NX games with them to play in the car or on shopping trips?

 Will definitely see a lot of Wiiu remasters of games from previous gen - not just that but you may also see PS4 games being remastered for the NXWhat's most interesting is that the controller is a mobile device - which could imply that the you will be able to connect other mobile phones and tablet devices to the console to be used as a controller. This could also mean we will see a Nintendo App similar to the PS4 app but more advanced as it may offer the option of turning your mobile device into a controller.  So couch multiplayer games will be even easier to set-up with your family and friends as most people carry mobile smartphones and tablets with them.

Square Enix have also already confirmed production of the next DragonQuest game to be coming to the NX.  There is also news that the new THE LEGEND OF ZELDA game will be NX only, however this is unlikely, we will most likely see it on WiiU first and then come to the NX later.

We will also see an awesome next gen Zelda game coming to WiiU first then the NXThe NX is also easier to develop for than the WiiU console and it will have at least equal the power (more likely more power) than the PS4. This maybe a worry to SONY and Microsoft as they have hit a wall (they are barely two years old and can't possibly be thinking of upgrading to consoles that are next level without gamer backlash) they are going to be stuck with consoles which are barely current gen when compared to the average laptop you can pick up from the supermarket and will possibly be trailing behind the NX in terms of popularity when it arrives.  Nintendo has confirmed they will be using industry leading chips and tech in their new NX super console.  

NX could most likely be the most powerful gaming console on the planet when it arrives and this is due to cheaper development costs as the console will not ship with a built in optical drive (although it maybe possible to add one later) it will use memory cards similar to the cartridges used in 3DS and downloadable content.

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