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Nintendo NX - Believe it or Not! Featured

Nintendo NX - Believe it or Not!

There are currently a lot of Nintendo NX rumours – Let's look at some of these.   Fact: NINTENDO NX is coming in 2016! As SuperMetaldave64 confirms ZELDA WIIU, ZELDA NX and NINTENDO NX console itself to have a holiday 2016 release, revealed to him by a NINTENDO source!!!!

Super Smash Bros is a proven smash hit series on Nintendo consoles - You can expect it coming to Nintendo NXFirst off let me just say I am a lifelong Nintendo fan and Sony Playstation fan, I have all the consoles and handhelds as-well as more consoles and devices from other companies like Sega, Commodore, Atari and I have also been a PC user for 24 years etc I’ve never brought an XBOX console as they just haven’t appealed to me (And I’ve been gaming for at least 35 years.).

I am always reading up on news and rumours about the two companies. While some of the rumours are a waste of time (And logic in a lot of cases!) some of them are worthy of looking into. I will go into a lot of the rumours and stories that are currently on the net in this article. So here they are below:

Nintendo NX is not trying to match up to the current gen and will be 900p and only as powerful as XBOX ONE…. False.

This is nonsensical – For a start Nintendo is not going to use older technology (XBOX Technology wasn’t even super powerful on its release day.) while both SONY and NINTENDO were already with a machines that allow for 1080p gaming , Microsoft in their wisdom decided to release the XBOX ONE with max 900p resolution.

Fire Emblem is an awesome series which could make waves when it arrives on the Nintendo NXIt would be wrong for Nintendo to make something less powerful than current or older technology when more faster technology is available and cheaper to use.
We can easily sum that up due to the length of time that has passed from the release of PS4 and XBOX ONE; Nintendo NX will be more powerful than the PS4, as technology is cheaper now than it was when the PS4 was being developed

As for the 900p rumour - Why would Nintendo take a step back and make a 900p console after it’s 1080p WiiU? They wouldn’t.  

The 900p rumour was popularised by a ridiculous GFK SURVEY about Nintendo NX which was purely speculative by the writer and was debunked by NEOGAF.

Nintendo NX is rumoured to use UNREAL ENGINE 4 developers are hinting it...  This is already a known Fact and should not be a rumour! 

Why is this being branded around as a rumour?  This was not a rumour originally – NINTENDO and SQUARE ENIX confirmed they will be using UNEAL ENGINE 4 in late 2015 when DRAGONQUEST was confirmed as coming to the NX.  It may be that many bloggers and fans missed this bit of news and had not researched into it before writing that 'UNREAL ENGINE 4 was rumoured to be used for NX game development' instead of 'UNREAL ENGINE 4 is being used for NX game development'.  It's fact and should read "UNREAL ENGINE 4 is being used for NX game development"

Michael Pachter says "Nintendo NX doomed without 3rd party support!" This one is silly.

Michael Pachter's article is laughable because it’s relying on a sensational line of title text that’s not based on any news or fact and not even a rumour – its click bait. You could even say it's uninteligent and shows a severe lack of knowledge on how the game and console industry work.  You may ask why is it so unbelievable?  Here is an explanation: Out of the 3 giant console producers (NINTENDO, SONY and MICROSOFT) Nintendo is the only console company that is also a dedicated game development company and does not rely on 3rd parties to create a profit.

Animal Crossing is another brilliant Nintendo series which would could be awesome on the truly next gen Nintendo NXNintendo has its own 1st party developers in-house, (and 2nd party developers) which produce guaranteed smash-hits like MARIOKART, SMASH BROS, SUPER MARIO BROS, METROID and POKEMON – Nintendo has also turned in good profit each year without having to rely on 3rd party gaming support unlike SONY who was in debt on release of PS3 and PS4, SONY had to sacrifice SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT because it couldn’t afford to keep it (Losing rights to games like EVERQUEST NEXT and PLANETSIDE 2 which were being developed in house by SOE - Hopefully these games will also come to Nintendo NX now that the developers aren't SONY only). SONY also had to pull away it’s support for it’s own VITA handheld, they removed the YouTube and MAPS app from VITA because they couldn’t afford the support for it.

In contrast to above sacrifices SONY was making - NINTENDO was constantly in profit by making huge sales on AMiiBO, POKEMON, MARIO KART and a whole load of their Nintendo branded goods! Take into account that NINTENDO sold the least current gen consoles out of the 3 big names (NINTENDO, SONY, MICROSOFT) and then take into account SONY has sold more PLAYSTATIONs than the combined console sales of NINTENDO and MICROSOFT for that generation, you have to ask yourself who is in profit?  Why has SONY sacrificed support for VITA? – NINTENDO continues to support all it’s services and consoles (It hasn’t pulled away YouTube or any apps from it’s 3DS or WiiU due to finances, it hasn’t stopped game support for WiiU either and that’s because it makes a profit on those systems!).  That in itself will give you an idea that NINTENDO doesn’t need to rely on 3rd Party support like XBOX and PLAYSTATION.  And sheer number of consoles sold doesn't always mean the most profit!

 Metroid is another series that has a great track record and could be given the awesome Nintendo NX treatmentAlso if Nintendo were relying on 3rd party support, they are still in with a massive chance of succeeding, this is because the NX machine when it arrives will most likely be the most powerful gaming console on the planet and the easiest to develop for – Developers like to have more graphical and processing power, aswell as working with a console that is easier to develop for; NINTENDO have said they have made it easier for developers when it comes to game production for the Nintendo NX as well as the fact that NX will allow for use of UNREAL ENGINE 4 and UNITY as development tools for making games and experiences on the NX.  Many 3rd Parties and Indie developers use UNREAL ENGINE 4 and UNITY and there has been strong evidence and rumours of 3rd Parties already showing great interest in the NX due to its power.

Nintendo have also said that they will make it easy for developers and studios to port over existing games to the NX. So you can imagine companies like ROCKSTAR, ACTIVISION and EA who have already produced games on Nintendo machines in the past, who will most likely come back due to their past relationship with NINTENDO.  I can also see developers like TELLTALE GAMES, CREATIVE ASSEMBLY, QUANTIC DREAMS who may want to come to NINTENDO NX and just want to convert over or re-master existing games due to the ease of doing it for the NX as they will want to take advantage of using the NINTENDO brand on their games.

PLAYSTATION 5 will be out shortly after NX and everyone will wait for that instead of the NX... FALSE.

This is another ridiculous rumour, probably branded around by 12 year olds in the school playground! The PS4 is still only a baby, It only came to us in November 2013.– It’s just over 3 years old! If SONY decided to alienate it’s existing PS4 base and suddenly develop and release a PS5 console to counteract the NX, you will most likely see them move to NINTENDO!

Fatal Frame is a fantastic survival horror series which has been very famous on the Nintendo consoles, it could do well to come to Nintendo NXAlso the lifecycle of a SONY PLAYSTATION console typically has been 7 to 8 years old – So you will most likely not see a PS5 until the 2020s (That’s if they even decide to develop a PS5!). You are more likely to see an XBOX 2 come sooner because Microsoft haven’t done so well with XBOX ONE, but even that would be extremely risky for MICROSOFT (Partly for the same reasons described) and has very little chance of happening until the 2020s.

Due to the mass news about the Nintendo NX in late 2015, it’s already looking like the NX is a threat for PS4 and XBOX ONE – SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT’s Vice President Masayasu Ito made a surprising hint which was remarkably timed during the NX news – He hinted at making a PS4 with upgraded GPU, RAM and Processor – but this news wasn’t received well by gamers as it would alienate the existing base of PS4 users who would not want to upgrade to another PLAYSTATION console for many years yet.

The video below by ALPHA OMEGA SIN was an excellent example of why it now won’t happen and it totally gives you evidence that there won’t be a PS5 for at least until the 2020s!


NINTENDO NX will feature Cloud Gaming and will be upgradeable in power! This could be True!

This could be true due to the Nintendo console patents revealed in 2015 and the reveal of the SCD (Supplemental Computing Device) and portable gaming unit controller which have their own CPUs and RAM. This has been discussed on YouTube by some channels about how it could be used and what these ideas and rumours that have been suggested are, it seems NINTENDO could be making the NX console very special in the sense that it’s power can be upgradeable across a network of daisy chained NXs or even daisy chained locally to increase power.

So imagine if you have 2 NXs in your house, they can be daisy chained – You could have twice the graphical fidelity, twice the RAM and processing power! And this power can also be shared across a network online if you choose to do that by connecting with other NX users online! Check out the excellent video below by Picky Old Gamer to get an idea of this - Picky Old Gamer explains the Cloud Gaming aspect and what it could bring in a better way than I do!

ZELDA WiiU has been delayed because it will come to the Nintendo NX instead of the WiiU! False!

Zelda is rumoured to be coming to NX after it comes to WiiU - We can expect something looking like an awesome remaster!The rumour has no basis in fact and there has never been any announcement made by NINTENDO to say that it’s not coming to WiiU. ZELDA WiiU is still coming to WiiU; And also to the Nintendo NX... As of 20th February 2016 we have confirmation that Zelda WiiU and Zelda NX will be coming in 2016!!!  This information is from SuperMetaldave64 on youtube from a direct source that contacted him from NINTENDO!!!!  The video also confirmed the release of NX as being 2016 !!! 

Takashi Mochizuki tweets “Nintend/'s NX may work with smartphones, PCs and even rival consoles such as PlayStation4.” True, true and could be true!

Rumour started by Takashi Mochizuki a Wall Street reporter – It was a tweet and quite vague at that – How would it be compatible with PS4? Here is my take on this: Nintendo has made efforts to set foot into the mobile gaming and app market as well as hinting at the PC market, by making a partnership with DeNa – This has been a known fact since 2015 and will bring to us a new Nintendo Account system online which will integrate with PC, Mobile NX, 3DS and WiiU.

miitomo make your own mii on your mobileMiitomo is coming sometime in early 2016 and this will be based on mobile, tablet, PC, 3DS, NX and WiiU. Now the way I think it could be compatible with other gaming consoles like PS4 is that it can also be browser based (Browser based gaming has improved fantastically over the years with HTML 5) so the question of NX being compatible with PS4, while not really touching on cross-compatability with the other console, could have an element of truth in it somewhere.

How can it done? An example: If we have the mobile based app like Miitomo created by DeNA and NINTENDO, DeNa could also produce a browser based version of the same software which will instantly increase its audience among gamers and even non-gamers. You could in theory access the game through the browser of the PS4 console.

That’s the most likely way Nintendo could make their games available to PS4 users aswell as XBOX ONE users, I can’t see Nintendo going out of their way to making a deal with SONY and MICROSOFT to produce/release games in specific formats for PS4 and XBOX ONE, although that’s possible too but I just don’t see it as being as practical or happening at this stage.

The Nintendo NX Operating System (OS) is Android based! Very Unlikely!

WiiU operating system is IOS - We are looking forward to what the Nintendo NX OS will beWhile it’s not impossible. Nintendo have actually gone out of their way to put a stop to the Android rumours by saying they are not true. Nintendo has used a beautifully minimal OS on WiiU and Wii which is IOS (Input Output Based – Not to be confused with APPLE’s OS) and the OS is custom created by NINTENDO; so it’s highly likely as before that Nintendo are working on a beautifully designed new Operating System that will probably integrate with their gaming environments, mythos and Miis.  However Nintendo could make their OS compatible with Android games and apps in a way that GOOGLE made extensions compatible with it's PC browser CHROME. 

The Nintendo NX games will have 4K resolution! Maybe, Maybe Not!

I'm not so sure about this one – Maybe Nintendo can do it but will they want to? Most gamers will be happy with 1080p. I’m guessing it will be better to have 1080p for games and 4K for streaming movies. However there have been rumours of streaming gaming service coming to NX, which will allow the Nintendo NX to stream games (Like PSNOW on PS4) and movies.  Streaming games at 4K is easier, as the server where the games are being streamed from will be doing all the computational, graphics and sound work.  So this could be a big maybe or maybe not. I’m betting we will get 4k streamed games at a later date but whether Nintendo gives the NX the graphical and processing power to make games that are able to play at 4k resolution locally on the console at home is a big question mark.

Nintendo NX will be cartridge based and digital download only! Yup it’s true!

MarioKart is another instant selling title on all the Nintendo consoles - a next gen version for NX will be a massive hit!This is still going around as a rumour when it’s most likely a fact. Nintendo will be returning to cartridges after years of going optical disc based (Nintendo’s last cartridge based console was the beloved Nintendo 64).

Due to the patents that were revealed in 2015 – The console we believe to be the NX will be without an Optical Disc drive, the same patents show that there is memory card/cartridge slots in the console/device.
Cartridges are coming back due to the increased storage space and safety (they don’t get scratched like discs do), they are now cheaper to produce and because they have a lovely Nintendo styled nostalgic value.  I think these cartridges could be the size of 3DS cartridges or maybe big retro SNES and N64 styled cartridges housing SSD technology inside them.  

However one patent showed that Nintendo is interested in modular technology - It could be that due to Nintendo NX's 'PC like' upgradeable structure, you could add a drive to the console which will allow it to play optical discs.

Analyst firm DFC :“DFC believes that Nintendo launching a new system in 2016 would be a mistake and under any scenario the Nintendo NX will not have an impact on the market until late 2017.” – This is click bait.

This looks like an even less researched article than the Michael Pachter article that's already been mentioned!!!  So DFC - What is your research based on?

DFC also said “Of course, our perception is likely to evolve as more details around price points and launch dates become available, but 2016 is looking to be a record year for the game industry. In reviewing 2015 the PlayStation 4 met our expectations while the Xbox One and Wii U slightly underperformed. Going forward DFC believes that the potential launch of a new Nintendo system as well as new VR devices, especially the PlayStation VR will have a negative impact on the Xbox One and Wii U."

Fatal Frame 5 is a game that will make waves when it comes to NXReally DFC ? So your perception is likely to change, meaning that you don't really know what you are talking about right now? DFC do you honestly think PLAYSTATION VR which only has limited content currently being produced for it by 3rd parties is going to be able to compete against a full blown dedicated game concept like the NINTENDO NX which already has guaranteed content from 1st parties, 2nd parties and 3rd party developers in production, as well as a guaranteed audience of Nintendo gamers of all ages????

I'm not knocking PLAYSTATION VR, as I’m a lifelong PLAYSTATION fan and I will purchase it, as I mentioned before I have all the PLAYSTATION consoles and handhelds - But looking at the line-up of games for PLAYSTATION VR, nothing jumps out at me, even the XBOX ONE is more appealing than the PLAYSTATION VR in terms of content.  SONY's recent bad track record with handhelds and add-on devices is not worth shouting home about (Look how they have treated their own VITA handheld! PLAYSTATION MOVE anyone? etc) - Whether PLAYSTATION VR is an add-on to PS4 or a separate device with PS4 connectivity (Like the VITA which is a separate gaming device and has connectivity as an add-on for PS4 and PS3 - VITA is awesome by the way - It's just poorly supported by SONY).

SONY are going to have to support VR heavily to get it to sell, and SONY will have to do this at the same time as supporting it’s PS4. Right now SONY isn’t even supporting its PS3 or VITA properly because it’s shifted its concentration onto the PS4 – How do you think they will cope with the PLAYSTATION VR?

Fire Emblem is another fan favourite series which could be awesome on Nintendo NXIt seems to me DFC has done no real research to come to their conclusion on why they think it will be a mistake to release NINTENDO NX in 2016. The fact that the 2016 release is just a rumour yet and Nintendo have not announced they will release the console in 2016 yet – which makes the DFC comments even more useless and pointless!

Whether Nintendo release their NINTENDO NX in 2016 or 2017, it will need the correct marketing, if it gets the same amount of mass advertising and mass appeal as say PS4 and the original Wii (and believe it NINTENDO are aware of this as they are aware of the gaming market) then we are going to have a massive hit whichever year you release the Nintendo NX...  As of 20th February 2016 it seems like this rumour also has been shot out of the window:  SuperMetaldave64 confirmed from a direct Nintendo source that ZELDA NX is going to be released in 2016, meaning the NINTENDO NX wil be released in 2016 - Yes people we are looking at a Holiday 2016 NINTENDO NX release!!!!

Will Nintendo NX have a Virtual Reality add-on? It could be likely at a later stage in the NX life cycle.

Facebook Oculus VR - Could Nintendo be working on their own VR add-on for Nintendo NX?Nintendo have been known to comment on VR quite a few times and have also suggested an interest in it while not jumping into it after the failed VIRTUAL BOY.  I’m betting Nintendo are playing the waiting game – Maybe they will see how it works out for SONY, FACEBOOK and Microsoft first before stepping into it themselves with better ideas.

When it does happen, Nintendo will probably be the best at VR purely because of the huge amazing gaming universe that Nintendo has access to (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, Animal Crossing etc). I’m guessing if VR does become successful for SONY and MICROSOFT, we may see Nintendo stepping in with a VR add-on for NX which will do something bigger and better.  Can you imagine the awesome 1st party VR games created by Nintendo?  Imagine exploring Super Mario World in VR or taking a trip through the beautiful fun world of Animal Crossing and meeting it's inhabitants in VR.

Nintendo NX will be the most powerful console ever in terms of graphics and speed! Most likely true!

Nintendo NX being the most powerful console on the planet on release day is most likely true – In October 2015 there was a Nintendo NX tech demo that really made big news all over the net – It showed an amazing animated gaming sequence of Link (from the Legend of Zelda) in a Zelda world environment. Those who saw it were impressed and amazed, and statements were thrown around such as “industry-leading” and “cutting-edge” technology.

Mario is the representative of Nintendo and he sure looks happyThis led to many rumours about the immense gaming power of Nintendo NX and that it would be most powerful games console on the planet on it's release day, I believe if you look at Nintendo consoles historically and look at things from a factual perspective, then this rings true and innevitable.

Why do we think it’s going to be the most powerful console on the planet? Well if you take an example and look back at when WiiU was released it had more power than the current consoles of it’s generation (PS3 and XBOX 360) – The GPU was better, it had more RAM and it had a better CPU – Technically the WiiU was the most powerful games console on the planet until PS4 and XBOX ONE arrived.

The technology to create these consoles becomes cheaper as time goes on, it’s been at least 3 years since the PS4 and the technology in that console will already be cheaper now – so it would be much cheaper and easier to create a console with the same power as PS4 at least, much cheaper than it was to create in 2012 or 2013.

Also because the NX will not have an optical drive it will further make the production of the console much cheaper.

Nintendo NX will probably have equal or more RAM to the PS4, a higher resolution in graphics (at least 1080p) a better GPU and better CPU.  It will have much more computational power for gaming and this is before you even add to the fact that NX may have a Cloud powered element to it (allowing for further upgrade to the power of the Nintendo NX Console)

This is one rumour we can safely say and hope is most likely true: When Nintendo NX arrives it will be the most powerful console on the planet.

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