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Nintendo Direct March 2016 was brilliant - although it was to be expected that there would be no news of NX! Nintendo Direct March 2016 was brilliant - although it was to be expected that there would be no news of NX!

Latest issue of NINTENDO RISING... we look at Nintendo Direct March 2016...

 welcome to the March edition of Nintendo Rising... Hello gamers, Miitomo is coming this month, which I am very much looking forward to, this month we also had Nintendo Direct!!!!

Shigeru Miyamoto the daddy of modern console video gaming!NINTENDO DIRECT VIDEO for March 2016!!!! Shigeru Miyamoto gave us the low-down on STAR FOX ZERO which now looks much better since the improvements - In fact it looks beautiful! Rather than the simplistic shoot-em-up that it seemed like last year we now have teleporters/wormholes which can take you to another part of the game, the adventuring element seems to have also improved massively as we see more characters conversing on screen and now you can change the outcome of the story in different ways by taking different routes.  

STAR FOX ZERO also has a co-op multiplayer mode where one player can fly the Arwing with a controller and the other player can use the WiiU game-pad to target the enemies!  

Miyamoto also mentioned STAR FOX GUARD a new strategy type game set in the Star Fox universe featuring Slippy and his Uncle.  STAR FOX GUARD features on-line play and some fun battle sequences using security cameras and drones.  

STAR FOX ZERO and STAR FOX GUARD will come packed together in a bundle and the WiiU release date for STAR FOX ZERO is April 22nd 2016!!!

Below is the thrilling new STARFOX ZERO trailer

Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic GamesThere was also a nice trailer and information on MARIO & SONIC AT THE RIO 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES - The locations in the game are actually modelled on the real world Rio Olympic locations - The game-play looks spectacular and fun (You now also have Rugby and Rhythmic Gymnastics added to the events in this game) and you can bet this will be a best-seller when it arrives on WiiU on June 24th 2016!!!! MARIO & SONIC AT THE RIO 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES is also releasing on Nintendo 3DS on 18th March 2016!!! 

Nintendo Direct also announced an update for MARIO MAKER which will be available for download on 9th March 2016.

TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FEThe big game announcement for me was TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FE from ATLUS (previously titled SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI X FIRE EMBLEM) - TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FE is a massive JRPG game that shares the characters from the worlds created by ATLUS (PERSONA, TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FESHIN MEGAMI TENSEI etc) and INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS (FIRE EMBLEM etc) - The game is set in modern day Tokyo and has beautifully designed 3D/Anime graphics.

Although NINTENDO DIRECT didn't show or say much about TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FE, the brief images they did show, gave the impression it was something spectacular.  Admittedly they didn't show anything that hadn't been shown before about this game but I am still looking forward to it.

TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FE will also keep it's Japanese vocal language and have English subtitles along with a fantastic soundtrack from APEX.

If you like big JRPGs like PERSONA 4, gorgeous locations in a beautifully realised Tokyo setting with beautiful sexy anime characters and fun drama then TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FE is the game for you!

TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS #FE is releasing stateside on 24th June 2016.

LOST REAVERS is a nice looking MMORPG from BANDAI NAMCO which uses the UNREAL ENGINE 4 technology to create an action game that looks a whole lot of fun.  

LOST REAVERS is going to be Free to Play and is releasing on 24th April 2016 as a download.  An open-beta version of LOST REAVERS is also available two weeks earlier on 14th April 2016!!!

We also got a peak at PAPER MARIO COLOUR SPLASH which looked absolutely awesome!  When I say 'awesome' I mean totally next gen with it's graphics and animation.  Nintendo havn't given a firm release date for PAPER MARIO COLOUR SPLASH, just that it's going to be sometime in 2016.

There as also information on LEGEND OF ZELDA TWILIGHT PRiNCESS HD - you can view the complete NINTENDO DIRECT VIDEO for March 2016 below:


There was no information on Nintendo NX on Nintendo Direct, which we thought we would get but I'm guessing that will come soon.

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