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Nintendo Denies rumours of WiiU ceasing production in 2016.

Nintendo Denies rumours of WiiU ceasing production in 2016. Nintendo Denies rumours of WiiU ceasing production in 2016.

Yesterday (22/3/2016) Nikkei reported that Nintendo was to cease production on WiiU consoles by the end of 2016.  Nintendo have denied this, implying that WiiU will continue production.

Princess RosalinaNikkei say that production of WiiU console was to cease because of struggling sales and lack of interest in the hardware; however Nikkei did say that this information didn’t come from NINTENDO. So it is more a rumour than news.

Nintendo later denied that they are ceasing production of WIIU, and have said they will continue with shipments of the console.

From my point of view it would make sense not to cease production if they are making money on the WiiU console, which they seem to be doing. With a string of hits like Super Mario Maker, SPLATOON, MARIOKART 8, SUPER SMASH BROS, BAYONETTA and SUPER MARIO BROS U, the WiiU console has become in short supply due to popular demand.

With the NINTENDO NX due to arrive late 2016 – All sorts of rumours are hitting us strong, so things have to be taken with a hefty grain of salt.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE JRPG set to storm the charts in the West!

It will be an awesome year with the Nintendo NX arriving; And whether the WiiU ceases production this year or not, in the coming years, WiiU will be regarded as a legendary console (as in the status of SEGA SATURN), we may see 3rd party productions coming to it even after Nintendo ceases 1st party game production on it.

We have much to look forward to on WiiU this year with awesome games like STAR FOX, ZELDA WiiU and TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS # FE coming, hard-core gamers will be very busy playing these before the NX arrives!!!

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