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RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii EDITION - review Featured

The acclaimed survival horror in it's best ever incarnation - RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii EDITION The acclaimed survival horror in it's best ever incarnation - RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii EDITION

RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii EDITION - The Wii has the best version ever of the survival horror... 

I first played RESIDENT EVIL 4 on PS2 and was very impressed with it - however after completing it I didn't go back to it.   It was many years later on the Wii that I enjoyed it again.

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

When we first start up RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii EDITION Leon is in a car with two cops driving up a forest road somewhere in Europe (Northern Spain if you don't already work it out from the scenery and language).  Leon has been sent to find and save Ashley (The President's daughter.).


You may already know the story and I won't throw any spoilers but things escalate into the more sinister and Leon ends up on his own in his mission to find Ashley and stop a major new enemy known as Las Plagas.

RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii Box ArtThe WiiMote controls add a whole new dimention to RESIDENT EVIL 4 - Never has it been so smooth to kill multiple enemies with the previous console versions of this game.  I was now finding myself stopping severall enemies  and having a fighting chance of completing missions that were a nightmare on the PS2 version.

While the controls make RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii easier to control, it won't make it less challenging.  This still is a thrilling experience and the varied environments and different settings really ramp up the excitement. 

The graphics while not amazing for a Wii were adequate and depict the gameplay and story well.  The sound is awesome and really engulfs you into the game.

There is also immense replay value - Once I completed the game I was rewarded with certain bonuses that invited me to play again (Yes - Ive played this version 3 or 4 times now at least.).

resident evil 4 start screen

RESIDENT EVIL 4 Wii is the peak of the RESIDENT EVIL series, in my opinion the best it's ever been - The sequels that  followed it; RESIDENT EVIL 5 and RESIDENT EVIL 6 were disappointing and it's understandable why, they just didn't follow the pattern of combining stunning game-play with glorious cinematic sequences like RESIDENT EVIL 4. 

 Graphics: 85%
Sound: 95%
Playability: 93%
Lastability: 92%
Value: 95%
Overall Score: 95%