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FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING is the 2012 classic that hasn't aged at all. 

Awesome tactical RPG adventure Fire Emblem Awakening



We love tactical role playing games especially ones that are presented this well and are this deep and almost instantly playable.

FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING on 3DS is one of those 3DS titles which when you see for the first time your jaw drops but you expect to be disappointed at some point because you think it can't possibly keep up. However I was pleasantly surprised, FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING kept up to the pace and quality of what it promised in those first few moments...

Fire Emblem Awakening has some thrilling Tactical combat scenes on 3DS.The story is set some 2000 years after the events of SHADOW DRAGON AND THE BLADE OF THE LIGHT.  The game has you start in an intensely cinematic and beautiful scene, a dream (Or nightmare) that has you kill your friend in battle at that moment, as you plunge death into the belly of the good guy 'Chrom', you awake to be found in a lovely looking field, awoken by the same Chrom you had just murdered in your nightmare, his allies and his beautiful sister Lissa welcome you into their group.

Glorious scenes of fun and drama in Fire Emblem Awakening - The first Fire Emblem game to arrive on 3DS.You play as a character who, you can customize with your choice of gender, looks and name.   The turn based battle system is fantastic, it's very easy to get into and understand and really feels perfect for this game.  Also when your characters are killed on the battlefield, they really do emote anime style and if you are like me you may be tempted to restart the battle with insane intent to win.  It's very addictive, with a nice learning curve and it's very rewarding.

One thing that I loved about FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING was that it's so cinematic, and everything is so neatly and beautifully created from the excellent visuals to the play- style and beautiful sound.  The gameplay is utterly engrossing, it had me glued!

However the only flaw I could find was one that is in many games on the 3DS - Which is the lack of Voice acting - The characters are voiced well whenever they speak but the rest of the main bulk of the dialogue between the characters is written text that you will have to read. 

Fire Emblem Awakening has beautifully written and designed characters however you will have to read through many passages of dialogue as only parts of the entire screenplay is voiced by the actors.

Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS has some beautiful and lovable characters.While it would have cost the production more on actors to do more voice work, it would have boosted the quality of this game further.  Had the vocals been extended across the entire screenplay, to every part of the game, even the littlest and most minor scenes, this game would have been on another level in terms of sheer quality.

However the lack of vocal recorded acting is the only flaw I could pull out of this game, as FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING is awesome; it is one of my top 10 games on 3DS.  I loved the storyline style of the gameplay and it holds a very special place as it is the first FIRE EMBLEM game on 3DS so it is a must buy game for Tactical RPG gamers.  It is highly addictive!  I rate this a thoroughly deservable 94%.

Graphics: 96% 
Sound: 92% 
Playability: 95% 
Lastability: 90% 
Value: 94% 
Overall Score: 94%