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Animal Crossing New Leaf is one of those 3DS classics that you will never get tired of no matter what your age is...

Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS - Cover ArtFormat: 3DS

Life Simulation, Virtual World, RPG

Animal Crossing New Leaf has a very atmospheric start on a train, almost like a movie, very stylish and cute.  Here you have a conversation with one of the characters and cleverly pick your town design, and that becomes your train destination.  Upon arrival in the town you are mistaken to be the mayor and given the task of rebuilding the town as well as your life. 

From the onset there is a lot of help given with friendly characters helping you and the game is very easy to pick up and play even for beginners to the ANIMAL CROSSING series.

You can go fishing, collect fruit and shells and sell it at the "Re-Tail" store, making money to pay your mortgage and get tools and furniture for your everyday living.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf is played in real time, as well as having real geographic weather effects, which very much adds further to the virtually real-life believability of the game.

Animal Crossing New Leaf building your houseThe various online and 3DS Streetpass modes are excellent, you can visit the towns of players that you have encountered on StreetPass, as well as play with up to 4 friends and visit the towns of other players.  It can be a very social game.  You can also use play coins to buy fortune cookies, which can then be used to buy various special items.

There is much more in the game, the various sound effects and musical tracks are very well composed and the graphics are lovely.  The 3D animation and effects really brings this ANIMAL CROSSING world to life.  ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF was originally released in 2012 and hasn't aged at all - it's brilliant life simulation fun for all ages makes this an appealing casual game aswell as being great for those gamers who want to spend long hours building their characters and town up to the brim!

Animal Crossing New Leaf - walking past the post office where you can save money, send letters and pay the mortgage.

Graphics: 90% 
Sound: 88% 
Playability: 95% 
Lastability: 93% 
Value: 94% 
Overall Score: 90%