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ALIEN 3 - SNES classic review

ALIEN 3 on the SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM was a movie adaption that was better than the movie...

Alien 3 Box art for Super NES - The game was originally released in 1993Game: ALIEN3


Year 1993

ALIEN 3 on the SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM was an entertaining platform shooter which for its time had excellent graphics – This cartridge classic was released in 1993 it was a big critical and commercial hit.

The ALIEN 3 movie got a critical pasting for not having the thrills, suspense or the likeable characters of the previous two movies.  Instead ALIEN 3 was a dark and depressing movie, with literally no gunplay in it, and a downbeat ending. However the ALIEN 3 ALIEN 3 on the SNES got great critical acclaim for it's atmospheric gameplay.game was going to be a different beast altogether – a more popular one.

Unlike the ALIEN 3 movie, the SNES game version of ALIEN 3 took its own spin on the story and followed the elements that were popular in the second movie ALIENS – it even had voice samples from ALIENS “GAME OVER, MAN!  GAME OVER!”  Ripley had an arsenal of weaponry, such as pulse rifles and an excellent flame thrower which were really fun to use.  It was a real blast taking down hordes of xenomorphs with excellent sound effects and neat graphics.  It was a very atmospheric game.

ALIEN 3 on SNESALIEN 3 was also rated as one of the best movie game adaptions ever and got rave reviews along with its little brother the GAMEBOY version of ALIEN 3 (Also excellent.).

Graphics: 93% 
Sound: 90% 
Playability: 90% 
Lastability: 85% 
Value: 90% 
Overall Score: 92%