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SHIGERU MIYAMOTO - could be portrayed in a movie... Featured

Shigeru Miyamoto the father of modern video gaming - Could be the subject of a great movie. Shigeru Miyamoto the father of modern video gaming - Could be the subject of a great movie.

Could there be a great movie about SHIGERU MIYAMOTO?  The most influential games creator ever and the father of video gaming as we know it today...

 I would love to see this happen - Shigeru Miyamoto is one of my heroes - I have loved all his games and consoles since childhood.  The creator of Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda, is truly a genius and seeing his life on screen would be fantastic.

Another gaming legend Hideo Kojima poses with comedian and actor Shinya Arino and Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

There have been movies about many modern influential geniuses in the works - THE SOCIAL NETWORK for example showcased how FACEBOOK was created and the brains behind it (while also taking a bit of creative liberty and dramatising it.) and the movie about APPLE creator STEVE JOBS.  

We could see the challenges and difficulties both Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto faced when first creating the NES video console and when Miyamoto first created Donkey Kong and Mario and Zelda.  These story elements would be awesome in a dramatic sense.  The movie could then go on into further details about how they created all the other Nintendo consoles.

Shigeru and Mario

The Shigeru Miyamoto movie could be a fantastic hit and there are so many top and talented Japanese movie directors who would portray the father of video gaming in an amazing way, as he was back when he first created Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda and as he is now.  I also love how David Fincher captured the atmosphere in his movie about Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, he would also be one of my choices to direct the Shigeru movie.

Shigeru Miyamoto the genius games creator would be the awesome subject of a movie about his life and the story of Nintendo...

So what do you Nintendo gamers think?  Would you like to see a movie about Shigeru Miyamoto?  Let us know on our Facebook post for this article by clicking here or on our Twitter page by clicking here here...