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Nintendo Rising!

A great Nintendo year about to come, time to check out some cool Nintendo videos from fans...

Today's article I thought I would write about some interesting youtube videos I've been coming across, when it comes to Nintendo NX I tend to ignore sensationalized rumour stuff, instead I prefer fact based theories and ideas about the forthcoming Nintendo NX...

Joseph Delgado who is studying Computer Science at the New Jersey institute of Technology has created a Virtual Reality version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt.  21 Year old Delgado created the game in a day after visiting Global Game Jam 2016 last month!  Delgado also 3D printed the Hydra head mount.

 I always consider Nintendo to have the strongest characters and worlds created on any of the gaming systems – Nintendo characters are strong as such that they match the power of Disney characters in popular opinion. This VR version of Duck Hunt is genius, it’s a simple Nintendo game, with a colourful world from the 1980s but this VR version adds a ton of atmosphere to it while taking nothing away from the nostalgic retro feel of it. Now imagine exploring Super Mario World or Zelda in a VR JRPG?  Maybe sometime in the future we may see a VR add-on for the Nintendo NX.

 Also Ive recently been watching videos by Super Metal Dave 64 on YouTube as his Nintendo videos are very informative and non-sensational. He is a great source for Nintendo information and discussion on YouTube and probably the best for Nintendo information in my opinion. Part of this article is inspired by one of his latest videos below:

 I think the Facial Recognition technology Dave talks about in this video is going to be used to good effect with facial expressions being mapped live to Miis in Miitomo and for games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros where facial reactions can add to the drama of victory and loss or imagine it in survival horrors and games that could use strong player emotions to change the course of the game.

Miitomo could use facial expression technology to enhance communication between friends!  Kimishima has said that Miitomo is like a communications app for people to communicate with other gamers through their Miis, and the facial expressions used could take their emotive and communication style to the next gen level. Humour and even sarcasm can be expressed very well with this technology where the player says something but his/her facial expressions could be indicating something else leading to some cool funny moments. My hopes of Miitomo is that it crosses formats, ie Mobile, PC, Console and even browser – So for example it would be so cool if someone on their mobile phone can communicate through Miitomo with someone using a version of Miitomo on the 3DS or NX or PC.

Miitomo could offer some kind of virtual setting and world where activities can take place – does anyone remember PLAYSTATION HOME? That was great fun, as you could meet other Playstation gamers in a virtual mall setting and communicate.

Mittomo and NX will soon be with us and I may be completely wrong about my ideas of how it could be – but there is fun to be had in waiting for it!

To finish off this article I saw a cool Nintendo NX controller design by UNDR on Youtube - This design doesn't have the edge to edge screen look that the patent shows, however it shows a more fan favourite controller type and i certainly hope Nintendo will come up with something similar to the classic design that UNDR has come up with.