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The latest Fatal Frame aka Project Zero is coming to WiiU in 2015 - This is just one of the great announcements from Nintendo Direct April 2015...

The latest NINTENDO DIRECT for April 2015 has got Nintendo gamers very happy and excited - with games like the latest FATAL FRAME game confirmed for European release on WiiU (most people thought this would never come to Europe - Thank you Nintendo!).

FATAL FRAME 5 aka PROJECT ZERO 5 will feature some stunning horror scenes with some sexy characters thrown in for good measure...

SHIN MEGAMI TENSAI X FIRE EMBLEM on WiiUAlso from ATLUS we have SHIN MEGAMI TENSAI X FIRE EMBLEM a new RPG game coming to WiiU which from the previews of the game, looked like it could be fantastic and we certainly hope it will exceed our expectations.

We were also given a good look at SPLATOON, MARIO MAKER and the amazing looking YOSHI'S WOOLLY WORLD and a good look at some of the new AMIIBOs such as the rather cool looking Woolly Yoshi.

A number of 3DS games were also annpounced, like the latest FIRE EMBLEM, BOX BOY and the free to download POKEMON RUMBLE WORLD which looked lovely, PUZZLE & DRAGON Z and PUZZLE & DRAGON SUPER MARIO BROS EDITION was also announced. We also got a great look at ATTACK ON TITAN HUMANITY IN CHAINS based on the anime ATTACK ON TITAN (You can also watch 2 episodes of the awesome anime for free on the Nintendo eShop.) aswell as CODENAME STEAM an RPG which has you taking on the role of an elite force led by Abraham Lincoln.  We definitely like the look of these games.

Further announcements of 3DS games were ULTIMATE ANGLER and BATTLEGROUND Z available to purchase for STREET PASS Mii PLAZA along with STREET PASS Mii PLAZA PREMIUM which will be available on 16th April 2015.  It was also nice to see the footage of XENBOBLADE CHRONICLES X for 3DS coming to us on 10th April 2015.  ANIMAL CROSSING HAPPY HOME DESIGNER was also shown and looked like a whole lot of fun for those young home designers.

WiiU Mario Maker may lead to some world class level designers!

Another big announcement for WiiU was the fact that MARIO KART has been brought into the 21st century with 200cc racing! This super fast racing mode will be a free update for MARIO KART oweners and looks like a whole lot of fun. There was no talk however of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA WiiU or of STAR FOX WiiU. Seeing these two big games missed out of this already stunning NINTENDO DIRECT didn't worry me but it did put a question mark on how far these games could be in development. You can watch the NINTENDO DIRECT for APRIL 2015 on the Youtube video below... Our reaction to this NINTENDO DIRECT video is a very positive one - One of the things that very pleasantly surprised me was that PROJECT ZERO (AKA FATAL FRAME) is coming to WiiU in Europe and of course SHIN MEGAMI TENSAI X FIRE EMBLEM is definitely also coming (I am a big fan of the PERSONA games - they are the best RPGs on the planet in my opinion) - These big games are also a clue that WiiU is getting stronger and is certainly the most successful games console of the moment in terms of quality and profit (Against popular belief in the West where gamers assume the other two consoles are leading the way) - The other two big consoles PS4 and XBOX ONE are bleeding money and unlike NINTENDO are not making profits as SONY shuts down further services like its PLAYSTATION MOBILE and the sheer low numbers of the XBOX ONE consoles that have sold, and low game count gives us an indication that the XBOX ONE is the least popular of the 3 consoles at the moment and may not last it's planned lifetime.

Splatoon will feature some glorious multiplayer splat-em-up action

Also with the recent NX announcement, a new next gen console we may see sometime in 2017 or 2018 by Nintendo, it seems like we may see a repeat of what happened in the 1990s when the Super NES came in years after the already released Sega Megadrive and totally outpowered it and outgamed it. Our guess is that when NX finally arrives, it will be more powerful than any other gaming console on the planet.

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