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Miitomo set for March 2016

Nintendo, makes the big announcement that it's first mobile game will be Miitomo, a kind of social game where your Mii will interact other Miis.

Miitomo will allow you to meet your friends online and chat - maybe in an environment similar to PLAYSTATION HOMEMiitomo will be free to play and will have inn-app purchases, hopefully this could be something like the PLAYSTATION HOME channel (PLAYSTATION HOME was unfortunately cancelled by SONY due to lack of funds.).  

Miitomo will also allow you to create and edit your own Mii to be used in your games and mobile adventures.

We're hoping that Miitomo will not only involve communication with other Nintendo gamers through their Miis but also allow for activities and mini-games to take place in the Mii universe.

In Tokyo at the press conference today, Tatsumi Kimishima said “You might dig up some previously-buried topics of conversation, learn about a surprising side of your friend you’ve never seen before, find things you never knew you had in common,”

We are also hoping that it will be easier to make friends through meeting other Miis this way - maybe sending a friend requests through this app or game would open up a whole new doorway to online gaming for Nintendo.

miitomo could also be used to communicate with other gamersMiitomo will allow you to make or edit your own miis on your smartphone or tabletIt's also well known that that the late Iwata of Nintendo made it clear that none of the previous Nintendo classic games will be emulated or reproduced for their mobile games - They will be entirely new games, which may involve fresh new IPs or existing characters such as Mario, Zelda and Kirby in fresh new adventures.

Tatsumi Kimishima also said that Nintendo plan to release 5 mobile games by March 2017.

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