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CLUB NINTENDO - Ending Soon Featured

CLUB NINTENDO is soon closing and will be replaced by a new Membership Programme. NINTENDO have a put a message up on their website today.

Popular for it's loyalty programme CLUB NINTENDO allows you to collect stars/coins when you purchase NINTENDO games and consoles - Games normally include a Product Registration Card, which is a red card with a scratch off strip on it revealing a alpha numerical code.

flipnote studio 3d freeAlso the NEW NINTENDO 3DS handhelds (releasing on 13th February 2015) are not registerable on CLUB NINTENDO.

3DS owners will also be able to download a copy of FLIPNOTE STUDIO 3D because of this.

CLUB NINTENDO discontinuation will be as follows:

1st April 2015:
Nintendo will stop including product registration cards with their games. However you may still continue to find games that have already been published before that date and use the product registration cards in them.

20th April 2015:
You won't be able to register any downloaded games from the eShop after this date, they will no longer appear in your MY REGISTERED GAMES & SYSTEMS page and you won't be able to do the surveys either.

30th September 2015:
CLUB NINTENDO ends. You will not be able to register any new stars from this date onwards and your registered stars (If you have any left by this time.) will not be exchangable for any items in the Stars Catalogue. You won't be able to sign into CLUB NINTENDO anymore and or register for it from this date.

So easyiest way to put it - Make sure you use all your stars up before 30th September 2015

Visit the NINTENDO website to find out more...