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Miitomo - My review of the Nintendo app that's hit Japan by storm!!! Miitomo - My review of the Nintendo app that's hit Japan by storm!!!

Today I managed to review Miitomo, the Japanese version of the Nintendo app that will soon come to the West...

Miitomo, this is my Mii in Miitomo - The social app that allows you to makes friends and it creates conversations for you!Miitomo is a social communications app which is designed to create conversations between friends and to make new friends! The version I am reviewing is the Japanese version - My first impressions are that it's very colourful, very fun, very inviting and very easy to use.

The 3D graphics are very nice and very smooth, I was walking around my apartment and there was no frame drop and no bugs its all smooth (I'm testing this on a SONY Xperia Z3) and the user interface is very nice, its very intuitive and allows you easily find where everything is.  I had no problems with doing the things that I wanted to do in this app.  The settings are easy to find, it's got a nice easy to read FAQ in the app and a customer service section - I think DeNa and Nintendo have spent a fair bit of time with the app and it shows with the quality of the UI and graphics.  

Miitomo can connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter - And you can earn coins for every new friend you make!!!The sound and music are also very much excellent and well composed - The voice of the character is so cool and pronounciations while not always correct are right most of the time.  You can alter your characters voice to make it child like, adult, male, female - It's all easy to do and the UI here is also fantastic.

The Miitomo app also gives you options to connect to Facebook and Twitter aswell as add new friends and get into conversations - I didn't connect to my Nintendo Account so I created a fresh new Mii (As I am waiting for the app to come over to the West).

The shop was also great fun - I dressed up my Miitomo in some comfortable looking fun clothes and made the purchase with shopping basket - all very easy to do - I used the free coins given to me as a bonus for starting up the Miitomo app for the first time.  You can earn coins to purchase goods in the shop or you can use real money to purchase coins for use in the shop - So the game can be played pretty much completely for free.

 I was asked a number of questions by my Mii, at different intervals in Miitomo, like "What is your favourite food?" etc etc - It felt very natural, and the Mii in Miitomo seems to have an Ai as it reacts to some of your answers in the correct way with facial reactions and funny poses depending on what kind of answers you give it, it was this part that really drew me in.  And it is this part of the app that is so unique as the Mii you have created will go and plant the seeds of a conversation with one of your friends based on the answers you give it.  You can also control it by not allowing it to do that but then why would you want to?

The gameplay is very rewarding and this is before I have even began any social interaction with anyone of my friends.  There are pinball/drop the object type games in the Miitomo Drop section under the Miitomo Shop when you click the shop icon - These are also fun to play! I am guessing there will be more games in the future available for purchase.

The games in Miitomo are drop object styled pinball games - they are very fun

Another thing that I hope for, is that we can eventualy decorate the apartment, and go out of the apartment, maybe to a park or a beach setting with friends - Maybe even have virtual shopping malls in Miitomo, where you can buy your Nintendo eshop games and send them to your WiiU, 3DS or NX.  Kind of like what PLAYSTATION HOME used to be, I am guessing there is a lot of stuff planned for Miitomo.  We have to wait and see.

I think Miitomo is a great app, very entertaining and very useful as it will allow friends to converse and team up for gaming sessions on their favourite Nintendo console - This is still yet to be released in the West, however you can expect further improvements/updates to Miitomo and the review score to change when it finally does arrive here in the West, at the moment Miitomo gets a well deserved 90% score!

Graphics: 90%
Sound: 90%
Playability: 85%
Lastability: 90%
Value: 94%
Overall Score: 90%