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Miitomo Website and Preregistration goes online today! Featured

Miitomo pre-registration is now available and you can take a look at some cool images of Miitomo on the Miitomo website...

 Hello Nintendo gamers!!!  The Miitomo app will soon be releasing for it's planned schedule in March 2016 and the website has gone online today!  You can also pre-register for Miitomo app and get some extra points added to your 'My Nintendo' account!!! 

The Miitomo website shows you some interesting and nice looking images of the Miitomo user interface and how it will be used.  It looks like the Miitomo app will take the world by storm and not just for gamers either, it looks like it will be able to do what What'sApp and Playstation Messaging App does but with the added benefit of showing facial emotions!  Miitomo will require an online connection so you can interact with other Miis and online players.  And it also looks like you will be able to play games and activities with other Miis!  Miitomo will be available for Android and IOS!

You can pre-register at miitomo.com - click here to go there now...

See the new Miitomo smart phone app and pre-register for it to earn some extra My Nintendo Points!