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PERSONA 4 GOLDEN - Could ATLUS bring it to THE NEW 3DS?

The awesome PERSONA 4 GOLDEN - Could ATLUS bring this to THE NEW 3DS? The awesome PERSONA 4 GOLDEN - Could ATLUS bring this to THE NEW 3DS?

Could ATLUS make a version of the classic PERSONA 4 GOLDEN for THE NEW NINTENDO 3DS?

I am a great fan of the PERSONA series of games, as RPGs and adventures they totally surpass any of the FINAL FANTASY games in my opinion (Although I love FINAL FANTASY too) - I have followed the PERSONA games in all their iterations on different consoles... PERSONA 4 GOLDEN is my all-time favourite game and I truly believe that ATLUS could make something brilliant if they made a version of it for THE NEW NINTENDO 3DS.

Persona 4 Golden - fun skiing sequence would be awesome on THE NEW 3DS

While I enjoyed PERSONA Q on 3DS it has nowhere near the perfectly huge scale, the thrilling story or the beautiful settings seen in PERSONA 4 - I think a remake of PERSONA 4 GOLDEN on 3DS would really sell like hot-cakes and PERSONA fans would love it.

Persona 4 Golden has a wonderful story with tension, drama, comedy and romance...

Can you imagine a version of PERSONA 4 GOLDEN, in 3D - Seeing the beautiful town setting of Inaba and all the lovable characters return, in glorious 3D with all the super enhancements that THE NEW NINTENDO 3DS could give it with its extra ram, processing and graphic power?

They could even extend PERSONA 4 GOLDEN to take advantage of the second screen (Without changing it too much and sticking to the core gameplay and story!) and also adding some unique 3DS extras, unique to the new remake.

Persona 4 Golden - Was itself a remake of the PS2 classic PERSONA 4 - This could be remade again for the 3DS

The idea of putting PERSONA 4 GOLDEN on THE NEW NINTENDO 3DS isn't far fetched - ATLUS is a part of SEGA who as a company has a healthy relationship with NINTENDO, and they have transfered their characters and games into the NINTENDO universe successfully many times (SONIC etc) and it would be a great idea for them to do sa remake of the classic PERSONA 4 game for the 3DS masses.  especially since PERSONA 5 is coming out soon for PS3 and PS4 only and there will be a lot of hype surrounding it.

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